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Chadds Ford Days Spotlight: Jillybeans LLC

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Here is a Chadds Ford Spotlight highlighting Jillybeans, a company run by two sisters, Mary Claire Matulay and Jill Monarch.  They create beautiful and one-of-a-kind outfits for a girl’s best friend.  You can find them at the festival this September 12th-13th, along with many other unique crafters.  

Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up, etc.? 

My sister and I grew up in New Jersey and we now live in Lyme, New Hampshire and Thornton, PA.

How did you end up in Chadds Ford Days, and how many years have you attended? 

I live in PA and used to attend Chadds Ford Days with my kids.  Once my sister and I started the business, it seemed only natural to apply to Chadds Ford Days.  This will be our 10th year.

What is your craft and how did you get started in it? 

We make clothing for 18 and 15″ dolls like the American Girl Dolls and Bitty Babies.  I have 3 girls…..enough said!!

What is it you want people to remember about your craft/how do you seek to inspire people? 

It’s simple….two moms (who happen to be sisters) encouraging play time for children of all ages!  We believe that everyone has their own style, so we buy our fabric in small quantities.  Once we’ve used all of a particular color or pattern fabric, we move on to a new fabric.  Offering each of our clients the ability to express their individuality!

How do you seek to impact the community with your business? 

Our impact is bringing joy and fun to someone’s life.

Jillybeans Pic 2Jillybeans Pic 3

Check them out at the links below:

Photos courtesy of Jillybeans LLC

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